Be Happy and Succeed

Booka Audiobooks and Henry Osal presents the audiobook Be Happy and Succeed. Three wonderful Self Development bestsellers together in one audiobook. The greatest successes of Henry Osal translated into 12 languages No. 1 in over 10 countries and have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. Learn the secrets of luck, longevity and happiness in one volume at a great price.

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A unique opportunity to get three of the most successful books in Self Development on digital platforms. Grab them, you will not be disappointed.
What is Happiness? It’s not so easy to answer this question. If you dig a little, happiness to some will be a time of joy, for others a moment of pleasure, for a few the feeling of infinite peace when they rest…
In this short journey that we will go through together in order to be happier, to have a happier life, I only intend to help you discover YOUR HAPPINESS. Yes, yours, because just as YOU ARE UNIQUE, your happiness is unique and only belongs to you; so strange, so wonderful. Will you join me on this amazing journey to the center of your happiness?
Seven simple steps that will get us closer to our dreams. A wonderful guide towards a happy life.
Fortune requires perseverance, enthusiasm and hard work to be reconciled with us: that is, we need to put in an effort to lure it in our lives.
So we start thinking about luck as something that we can control, as a path that we can choose in order to reach a goal. This requires paying attention to a series of rules, which I have called SECRETS, although in reality are just loaded with common sense. Let’s walk together on this path.
Lifestyle advice for living a more satisfying life, trying to increase our longevity naturally.
I hope you find this as exciting to read as was collecting this interesting information has been for me, as I belong to a family with multiple cases of extreme longevity.

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